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Date:Wednesday. 3rd January 2007
Subject:New Years Yawns
Mood: tired

Well what an interesting, boring, fun an depressing New Years, all rolled into one neat little 48 hour package. NYE itself was quiet, home in bed by 10pm, yet unable to sleep till about 11:30, when shortly after I was woken up by the flurry of "HAPPY NY!" SMS messages. I would have turned my phone off, but I needed it for an alarm clock, so got up and read for 30 min while waiting for the sillyness to end. Up and out the door by 5am and on my way to Sydney!

All up it was fun, spent a lot of good time with friends on NYD at Field Day, getting sunburned and listening to some really good music. Did I mention sunburned? Yeah... so bad my nose blistered a bit, and my face was as red as a rather red thing after it got badly sunburned. Ended up going back to Matt and Heather's hotel room (Thanks guys!) and spending another day and a half hanging with them, Iain and Kaz, watching movies and just hanging out, mixed in with (a little bit) of sleep. Lots of fun, despite my silly mind throwing me into a rather black mood towards the end.

Now, to go catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Date:Sunday. 31st December 2006

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

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Date:Monday. 11th December 2006
Mood: contemplative

Thanks to Adalius for this one: Go back through your journal for the past 12 months, and each month take the first line from your first post and put it here as a kind of summary of your year.

January: Well that was, without a doubt an... Interesting NYE. Not at all what I expected, but a rather positive outcome all up.
February: I have boxes here with stuff I sometimes have to sift through to find something I want, but I just cant find the desire to unpack and get comfortable here.
March: Woke up this morning with a horrible coughing fit and a fever you can fry eggs on.
April: I have been pestered into updating again so here we go!
May: Well that was an unpleasant surprise, Charmaine just showed up on my friends list. (personal note: I regret this post now, but I just don't like the idea of deleting old posts, as they were the way I felt at the time)
June: I only update to do Memes these days
July: Welcome to the world little Hamish :)
August: Well my friend's doing a bit better from all accounts, talked to her briefly last night.
September: I'm a sucker for it... its my gay half, I swear, but I just can't help but love musicals, and of all the musicals I've seen one stands above all the others..
October: I recently lost all my bookmarks, and am missing a few web comics.
November: (Wow, was slack and didn't post for a whole month)
December: One year today and my mood is as varied as these lyircs.

I tag every last one of you, take THAT

ps: Happy birthday.


Date:Monday. 4th December 2006
Mood: sad

One year today

and my mood is as varied

as these lyircs

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Date:Sunday. 15th October 2006

Bring on Daylight savings, I'm sick of waking up before 6am for no real reason.


Date:Saturday. 14th October 2006
Mood: mellow

Stiff and sore, stupid gym. Started doing weights again, I don't think "ouch" quite covers it. Still, its fun and Im enjoying getting down there as often as I can. Now if only I can start burning off all this weight I piled on while quitting smoking.

Yup, 3 weeks since I've had a smoke, going strong. Very few cravings, and the ones I have are easily beaten down. Its amazing how easy this is when you have the right mindset for it.

Found out today one of the guys I knew on WoW (Tuan, aka: Knocturnal) has passed away :( He was born with a terminal condition, and Docs were always amazed he lasted as long as he did, but its still a bit of a wakeup and its sad to think I'll never get another chance to joke around with him. Peace out niggag.

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Date:Monday. 2nd October 2006
Mood: calm

I recently lost all my bookmarks, and am missing a few web comics. Was wondering if people could post links of their favorites, so that:
A) I can try to remember what I am missing and...
B) Maybe find a few new good ones.

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Date:Saturday. 30th September 2006

I never use eBay these days, used it twice, somehow still have an account.

Got an email from them today saying my account password and email address were changed "at my request". Confused, went to log in, sure enough no password... hmm.

Contact eBay, sure enough, hax0red, there are "a number of bids placed, and some items won" but he will contact the sellers and explain, reset my username and password.

Total items won on eBay in the last 24 hours: 15
Total cost of items won in the last 24 hours: $0.24c

I got hax0red by a street bum.

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Date:Friday. 29th September 2006

We got a place :)

We sign the lease on Thursday next week on an awsome 2 BR place in Watson, one of the ones on Fedral Highway heading out of Cbr for those that know the area at all. Nice complex, got a pool, AC in the appartment, nice kitchen, good sized living area, fair sized bedrooms, in general pretty damn awsome pad. Really looking forward to moving in there.

Once we have it broadband ready, of course. ADSL is as good as it gets there by the looks, oh well.

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Date:Thursday. 28th September 2006

Had a bit of a fall last night...

Got up around 3am, went to the bathroom, and I either slipped or passed out, because next thing I remember is lying on the floor, hands and face covered in blood, not knowing how I got there. John to the rescue, I woke the poor bastard up, and he drove me into hospital about 3am. I finally see a doctor sometime around 9am (glad you didn't stay now John?) and he puts 7 stitches into a cut I have just above my right eye.


Home now, still and sore (damn tetnus shots) but at least I've managed to get the day off work.

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Date:Wednesday. 27th September 2006

Days past: 5
Smokes smoked: 0

Im proud of myself :)

I normally dont do these things, but peer pressure and all that...
God... I'm the whining bitch...
But I didn't want to be him!
Please can I be someone else?
Ohhhh, Uncle Owen, its so unfair!

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Princess Leia
Boba Fett
Han Solo
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You value your friends and loved ones,
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Occasionally you resort to whining.
You look ahead to great things for yourself.

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Date:Thursday. 21st September 2006
Mood: chipper

Field day tickets: Purchased

Happy me :)

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Date:Saturday. 16th September 2006

Thanks Cam...

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

1. I am a bigger geek than Cameron, 4 lvl 60's :-\

2. Today I got given my first ever pay rise.

3. I've been going to the gym 3-4 days a week lately, and loving it.

4. It's 4am and I am having a fucking awesome time with my closest friends.

5. All the notes in my wallet have to be in order, from the largest notes at the back to smaller at the front.

6. I originally thought I wanted to move into a place for myself, but now find myself looking forward to moving back in with Brian.

Too messy to tag anyone right now, so just tag yourself if you want it :)

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Date:Saturday. 9th September 2006
Mood: pleased

I'm a sucker for it... its my gay half, I swear, but I just can't help but love musicals, and of all the musicals I've seen one stands above all the others...

When I heard they had turned it into a screen play I was a little dubious about how well they would do it. I finally got around to watching it today (took my sweet time) and all I have to say is wow... perfect.

Ok, enough about a musical nobody else cares about :)

Walking through Dickson the other day getting lunch I pass someone by only to have them grab my arm with an excited "Damien!!". Well, turns out to be quite a shock, it was Esther! I haven't seen her for years, last I heard she was in Perth. Apparently she's moved back here for a few months. We spent a good 30 min or so catching up and chatting, and then I had to get back to work. Stupidly I stored the wrong number in my phone, so if anyone else is in contact with her PLEASE get her to text me again.

Other than that... hmm... Well works going well. Got an interesting shock the other day. The boss was introducing around a new guy who started on Monday. Gets to my desk, waits for me to get off the phone, and tells me that I'll be training him. Wow. I haven't been there for nearly as long as some of the guys, still a bit of a newbie, but he's asking me to train someone else. Guess he thinks I'm doing my job ok if he trusts me to train someone else. New guy seems pretty cool, get on fine so that makes it easier, and he's learning really quickly too. Already got him answering the phones and driving the computer, all I do is step in when he really needs it. I'm still a little worried about my performance from time to time, I know there is still a lot for me to learn, so its a nice boost to the confidence to get asked to train someone :)

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Date:Wednesday. 9th August 2006

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

Besides words into sentences, we combine notes into melodies, steps into dances, and elaborate narratives into games with procedural rules. Might structured strings be a core facility of the brain, useful for language, story-telling, planning ahead, games and ethics? Might natural selection for any of these abilities augment the common neural machinery, so that improved grammar incidentally serves to expand plan-ahead abilities?

I tag anyone that wants to be tagged.


Date:Tuesday. 1st August 2006
Mood: thoughtful

Well my friend's doing a bit better from all accounts, talked to her briefly last night. Thanks to those who expressed concern.

Following on from my reading recently about ethics, I've taken a step back and started reading a book about intelligence and how it evolved, and HOW we think, not just what we think. Link to book here. So far an interesting read.

Works still going well. It's odd being back in a work environment that I actually enjoy being in.

Really looking forward to heading down to Melbourne in a few weeks, any updates on goings on? I get in about 10am Friday 18th, have a BBQ with some WoW friends on the Saturday afternoon/evening, but other than that my plans are pretty much up in the air. Fly back out on Mon 21st about 4pm.

I gave one of the guys at work my 200gb external HD and asked him to put some movies or TV shows or something on it... He's given me 180 gig worth of random shows, movies, music, you name it. Currently sitting through "My Name Is Earl" and loving it. Another little gem was "Drawn Together".

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Date:Sunday. 30th July 2006
Mood: Devestated

Hang in there :(

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Date:Tuesday. 25th July 2006

I'll be in Melbourne from the 18th to the 21st of August. Anyone want to catch up? :) Anything good on that weekend? (Prefer the Sat night)

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Date:Tuesday. 18th July 2006
Mood: thoughtful

Quiet days at work have their uses, and today's spare time was dedicated to the study of ethics, and in particular Normative Ethics. It's amazing that a field such as this, which I have had an interest in for quite a while, is actually one I have done very little reading into. The more I read, the more I want to read too. Its a fascinating field (to me at least) to try and decide not just what is right and wrong, but to look at how we make these decisions, and how others around us make different ones, often for equally valid reasons. Didn't get enough time to read as much as I wanted, but I think I have about 15 new bookmarks at work to start on tomorrow :)

It also started me thinking about something else, which will make for an interesting post once I put some more time into pondering a few things I learned today, so keep your eyes glued to the monitors people, there is more to come :)

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Date:Friday. 14th July 2006

Well my plans for the weekend just gor wrecked, so if anyone in Canberra has any ideas for a way to spend a Saturday night that doesnt involve me sitting at home bored out of my mind let me know :)

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