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Long awaited update

If you grew up in Canberra, you'll be able to relate to this I'm sure...  if not, well just skip ahead a paragraph or two to get to the good parts....  I just got back from a week on the Gold Coast, and was in the taxi heading home and was stunned briefly into silence.  I saw something that still has the power to take my breath away every time i have been away, something that makes me feel welcome and safe.  If you grew up in Canberra and spent any time at all as a kid traveling to and from the coast I am sure you already know I am talking about...  that first glance of Telecom Tower as you arrive back.  No idea what it is that does it to me every time, but when I saw it tonight I was 5 years old,  and knew I was almost home.  I've talked to others about it and know I'm not alone, so back me up here guys, why is it thats so special to see that glowing tower?

And now, on to other news... 

Many of you know about my lovely lady Alyssa, and some of you have met her.  We've been together a few months now, well as together as ppl who live a thousand kilometers apart can be.  She makes me happier than I can remember being.  She has made me happy, not just about our relationship but about who I am as a person, something I haven't been for a long, long time.  The traveling is getting expensive, no matter how worth it it is. The time apart is getting harder every time we have to part, so its time we did something about it.

And, as much as I am going to miss Canberra and my friends here, I'm packing my bags and heading north.  Not a decision made easily, but it's the best for Alyssa and I, and sometimes we need to make these hard decisions. 

Looking at heading up sometime after the NYE celebrations, early in 2008, date yet to be set...
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